Meet The Team

Ceo Lucian Tudor photo


Lucian professional and personal experiences are shaped by his passion for always challenging himself and redefining his ambitions, personal and professional. Asking “what’s next”, taking on new and greater responsibilities, and understanding that opportunities are made not given are a critical part of his success. \That success is made most meaningful through his commitment to share and mentor others. A native of Romanian, he lived in Italy from age 14-22, Japan from 23-30, and LA since 2017 he is fluent in all 4 languages as well as Spanish. Starting as a Barista in Rome, educated to his role at 35 as CEO and Board Member of Global Dining Inc. His career continues with greater responsibilities, while wanting to share with and mentor others possessing all operational, accounting, cost control, human resource experience necessary that is ultimately focused on the guests experience from reservation through all aspects of the dining and close-out. Believing that the success of any hospitality service is how personal passion and commitment are shared by the team. A superior dining experience requires intensive analysis, thoughtful development, clearly articulated, and comprehensive implementation of the appropriate business and cultural structure specific to that establishment. Being explicitly transparent and inherently flexible to accommodate simultaneous, multiple and sometimes opposing events in the daily dining experience is vital to success.

Cfo Toru Toyokawa photo


Toru Toyokawa, a world traveler born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Toronto, Canada until age 12 moved back to Tokyo, Japan with passion for food. From a young age, Toru experienced many diverse culinary palettes traveling and visiting many surrounding countries. In 2006, Toru graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with a degree in International Economics and Politics, with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. After Graduating, Toru took on the challenge of becoming a Certified Public Account. With much experience and accomplishments, he joined the Global Dining Inc family as part of the Accounting Team and then expanded his leadership as Head of the Finance & Accounting Department in Tokyo. After much success, Toru moved to Los Angeles to live the American Dream as Chief Financial Officer of Global Dining Inc of CA, where he finances and operates 1212 Santa Monica, La Boheme West Hollywood, and Settecento DTLA.

Executive Chef Oliver photo


Oliver Sebastian Malmsten has an original story. He was born in Italy from Swedish parents and raised in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. He was lucky enough to grow up with Italian farmers who immediately gave him contact with true culinary traditions. Fresh seasonal vegetables grown with love, homemade bread and fresh handmade pastas were the order of the day. From here begins his passion for food that will lead him to enter this world on a professional level and to want to share his knowledge of him wherever he would go. At the age of 13 the curiosity to know his own origins led him to Sweden and already at the age of 14 he was working in a military canteen learning the basics of cooking techniques. From there begins the stairway to success, entering to work among the best kitchens in Stockholm. After completing his hotel studies, he decides to aim even higher and deepen his knowledge by returning to his beloved Italy and starting his journey in starred restaurants. From Castello Banfi (1 michelin star) to Trussardi alla Scala in Milan (2 michelin stars) up to being part of the achievement of the first michelin star at the I Portici restaurant in Bologna in 2011. But as they say, there's no two without three and then decides to go to London to have an experience in one of the best restaurants in the world, Gordon Ramsey's restaurant (3 Michelin stars). This last experience was fundamental for Oliver to understand how he would like to pursue his career in the future. Interested in the world of TV, he is selected as a competitor in the Italian show Hell's Kitchen where he has a different experience than usual with the starred Chef Carlo Cracco. From then on he was able to open new luxury realities as Executive Chef in Tuscany, from boutique hotels to 5- star luxury hotels in Florence where he will be able to give personality to his idea of cooking and make himself known also by opening his own restaurant in the marvelous Chianti countryside. Now Oliver's goal is to bring all his baggage of 20 years of culinary experiences here to America, where he is convinced he can make the difference between Italian restaurants, hand down and make known his traditional and original Tuscan recipes.

Executive Chef Kenjo photo


As a native of Miyako, Iwate in Japan, Atsushi Kenjo developed a passion for cuisine from a young age. His joy for food developed with a respect for farming and seasonal vegetables. This passion then led him to attend culinary school in Tokyo. He hoped to use only the best ingredients in his dishes and would do so by looking for seasonable ingredients throughout the year. Once graduating from culinary school, he had the opportunity to start his career at Hotel Otowa no Mori in Hayama Japan. After about a decade in Japan, he decided to move to the United States where he became Chef de Cuisine of Chaya San Francisco. Four years later, he then progressed on to other parts of California cooking at Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley and eventually coming back to the Chaya group as Chef de Cuisine of Chaya Brasserie in Los Angeles. After about five years, he became the Executive Chef of Chaya Downtown in Los Angeles and was then promoted to Corporate Executive Chef of the Chaya Restaurant Group and M-Cafe. At M-Cafe, Chef Kenjo became knowledgeable in the vegan and vegetarian food segment keeping him up to date with all the latest food trends and creating his philosophy of farm to table. Most recently, in 2018 Chef Kenjo moved to Global Dining Inc as the Executive Chef of La Boheme, incorporating his background in French & Japanese cuisine. Chef Kenjo strives to provide an elegant dining experience, while also using the freshest ingredients possible.